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Tell me about Animal Support
Without the dedication of animal rescuers, rehomers, keepers and park owners it's clear the outcome for some animals, whether they be domesticated, wild or endangered, would be terrible.

Animal Support pays tribute to all the zoos, wildlife parks and rescue centres across the UK endeavouring to rescue, rehabilitate and care for animals on a daily basis often setting up breeding programmes and releases back into the wild to ensure the survival of a species.

Where can you see a beautiful snow leopard, a cheeky orang-utan, a boisterious chimpanzee or magnificent lions and tigers? Where can you find your nearest pet rehoming centre or what should you do if you find an injured hedgehog in your back garden? Find the rescue centres on here that can help. Once you've joined, you can easily search for animals and, if you or other users have uploaded photos of your visits, you will be able to see the animals before your visit.

We will also bring you news from the UK and around the world and events which help to get you involved.

Join for free to get access to extra searches and the ability to upload your photos so that every person who visits this website will get to see the animals they most want to see.

What's on the website?
Using this website, you can find zoos, wildlife parks and rescue centres near to any postcode. This gives you the chance to plan some visits according to where you live, work or holiday.

Our new, improved UK map places a dot where the zoos, wildlife parks and animal sanctuaries are in England, Wales and Scotland. This map is powered by Microsoft Bing and allows you to zoom into locations, see photographic aerial shots and, in some locations, shows you a birds-eye view taken from a low-flying light aircraft.

All zoos and rescue centres are listed with contact details and, as time progresses, each will have a brief description of the centre and photos uploaded by other animal enthusiasts.

Also, we will try to collect news items and coming events from zoos, wildlife parks and rescue centres across the country so you can find out what's happening in the animal world and what you can get involved in.

Coming Soon: we are building a library of animals which will help educate users with basic facts about animals from all over the world. It will show how endangered animals are and where their natural habitat is. We will try to link as many animal entries to zoo and wildlife park locations in the UK where you can see these animals for yourself.